Values of Believe International


We believe in educating the heart as well as the mind. In addition to providing the resources for sponsored students to attend and graduate from school, our volunteers also teach and mentor them in positive social behaviors and values. This unselfish service given by our unpaid volunteers is an example the students are expected to follow throughout their own lives.

BELIEVE students commit to understand and live the following values in all they do, and their parent/guardian is encouraged to teach and practice these in the home.

  • Trust: Students are expected to be honest in everything they do. Integrity and honesty are the most important things they can learn.
  • Excellence: Students must have strong desire and work hard to achieve excellence in everything they do.
  • Accountability: Students must be responsible for their own life and actions, accept the consequences of their actions, and not blame others when things go wrong.
  • Respect: Students must treat all people with respect.
  • Service: Students are expected to follow the example of unselfish service given by the BELIEVE volunteers. They must be team players, help others to succeed and not take advantage of others.
  • Family: Students must maintain positive family relationships.
  • Leadership: Students must be willing to help others make positive choices by personally leading the way.

The benefits of your donation will touch not only the student you sponsor but also his or her family, community and nation as they graduate and become leaders with a positive influence on those around them.

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